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Author Topic: Lights and LED's in the SCC_Mod  (Read 3787 times)
New pie
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« on: June 09, 2007, 03:28:13 PM »

Hi everyone! laugh rolleyes
I'm still playing, editing, modifying the old SCC-Mod for F1C and your fantastic cars. After a long ride to learn some stuff in zmod and other editing programs I came to the point of being blocked by the lights and led stuff.
You created a lot of cars and were able to implement working material-stuff for brakelights, headlights and led's with a secret-hack so they appear coloured for the special material. How did you do that? You made something like a alpha-channel-method to simulate a light event. When I open the mas file I can onyl see white dots like a light-mask. Do I need a special program to get it work? If I edit something on the cockpit or brakelights the included secret hack will be gone with saving and exporting the file. How can I get it back?

Need serious help and woul be  dance if you can give some tips for that.
Thanks in advance
Andy aka Basukid  angel
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